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We have a simple mission:

Apply our skills and experience to enable people and companies to become amazing.


Transforming business performance

Working together

Your Business + Our Attention to detail + Amazing teamwork

Awesome Results

Laser Focus

Means we get things done On time and within budget

A better planet

For our children and their children

Digital by Choice

All businesses today require a digital focus. We strive to ensure we are served by technology and use it to enhance our business and deliver real improvement to our clients.

Forward Thinking

We pride ourselves on our innovative and progressive outlook. Always looking for and anticipating the next game changer in our chosen fields.

Problem Solvers

Absolutely – We love the challenge of complex problems and do what it takes to find a solution.

Customer Support

Our people are critical to our success and we believe that great people will provide excellent customer service. We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver seamless excellence.
Our Services
Measurable improvement through transformational change.
We work with you and your team to identify and implement improvement opportunities. Creative, innovative and practical solutions to improve financial and operational performance and enhance gross margins. Helping you drive sustainable continuous improvement.
Identify opportunities
We work within your business and with your team to completely understand your processes and objectives.

This enables us to identify practical and relevant improvement opportunities without massive expenditure.

Creative Solutions

We identify solutions which will exploit the opportunities and in conjunction with your team select those that produce the best returns. Sometimes these are as simple as changing the order of an existing process and come without capital cost.

Hands on implementation

We are there during the implementation and hand over.

Our team ensure the solutions are practical and work for you.

If additional training is required, we deliver it.

Sustainable Improvements
A once off improvement is useful but we pride ourselves on finding and delivering solutions that continue to deliver.

Typical returns on your investment in our service are less than 12 months.





About Ceseki

A family business

Building businesses that help people and companies achieve their potential.

We have our roots in Africa. We have seen the beauty and enjoyed the amazing experiences that are available on this vast continent, especially to the privileged minority. We have also seen the abject poverty and sheer hopelessness that many people have as their daily existence. The results of this can be seen in incredibly high infant mortality, shorter life spans and rampant crime alongside the many other social problems that exist. The generosity and aid provided by those who can, provides some short term relief and, of course, is vitally important.

We believe though, that education leading to self empowerment will help in the longer term. Improving peoples lives and allowing them to achieve their potential; that is the underlying motivation for our existence as a business.

A better planet for our children and their children.





Management Team


Project and Operations Manager



Office and Finance Manager



UX and CX Specialist